Spirit Talker - The Legend of Nakosis

Introducing my new book . . .

“Set amid the verdant and primordial wilds of pre-contact era North America 'Spirit Talker - The Legend of Nakosis', tells the fantastical story of one young man’s induction into the mystique and magical world of the Shaman. Possessing an acute sensitivity to the spirit realms, the young man is taken under the tutelage of the old village Shaman and initiated in the ways and wonders of a’spirit talker’. It soon becomes apparent, however, that Nakosis is the medium of a very ancient and powerful spirit whose beckoning urges him upon a quest of legendary proportions whose unfolding will test the young man beyond his wildest imagining. His journey will traverse strange lands of both stunning beauty and unforgiving hardships. Along the way he will know the deepest grief and loss and yet come to embrace the fullness of love and the revelation of sacred wisdom as he finds his place within the Great Mystery. What Nakosis discovers is not the archaic myths of a time and people long forgotten; it is the timeless thread of spiritual inter-connectedness that weaves throughout all of creation, inexorably binding all things within the warp and weft of the sacred circle of life.”

Spirit Talker Book Cover 2